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Director, KILIXCO

Matt Burgess

First impression is excellent my inquiry was instantly responded to by Ethan he thoroughly explained the process and services that he could provide after closely listening to my request and idea for my new business. Excited to see my idea on line!

Suzette R. President

Odyssey Administrative Services LLC

I am so happy I went with this company everyone worked as a team ; they made all the changes I needed, listened to my ideas, and gave me some great ones too. Love love love Simon if I had 20 thumbs I would give them all 20❤

Mary J. Zargaryan

Co-Founder – The Productivity Shop

Working with Simon has been great! My experience at the company from the first day was welcoming. James made sure my needs were met while building my website. Every time I brought up an issue it took him no more than a day to fix it. He truly wants to make his clients happy. Great communication and patience. Highly suggest working with this company!


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100% optimized service digital consultancy with experience and capacity to meet the need of even the largest most complex organizations in the world. Our portfolio enables us to offer clients the best experience.

Android Apps Development

Over the years, we’re developing purpose driven Android mobile apps and giving your ideas a life. With our smooth app development process, the apps we build are engaging, user-friendly, and well-crafted. We create technically advance and secure, feature-rich Android apps.

IOS Mobile Applications

We are world-class iPhone App developers. We create exceptionally secure, technically advanced, and feature-rich Android apps. Our apps are designed to fit in perfectly in the modern Android operating system, while being exceptionally user friendly with the user.

Game Apps Development

We provide core and casual game development. We have built games using the most cutting edge platforms to achieve maximum engagement for players. We have built exciting games for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web, with our game development services for stimulating game progression.

Block Chain App Development

We provide seamless block chain app development solutions developed by innovations. Our custom block chain app development solutions fit businesses searching for optimum scalability in fintech, e-commerce, gaming, financial institutions, IoT, education, retail, health, and much more.

Mobile App Support

Since 2009, Esclatech delivers complete IT maintenance and support services to clients. Application support and maintenance services ensures that all types of apps are highly available, reliable, and relevant to your constantly evolving business needs.

Startup Prototype

Working on a new business idea calls for a prototype and our IT experts here at Esclatech are strive to build working webs and mobile prototypes for global startups.

Support And Maintenance

We provide efficient and result-oriented support and maintenance solutions to all your tech related problems, helping you drive your core business. We are always ready to provide best technical assistance for your app progress and solve your queries.

Startup Apps Development

With our outstanding expertise in diverse app development tools, we can have startups to achieve milestones. Our development team understands the requirements first and develops a solution that matches client’s expectations.

Cross Platform App Development

Mobile apps have become very essential for many businesses across various industries. We design full-fledged multi-platform apps that helps you reach more audience. Our experience in cross-platform app development services has enabled us to create business-specific solutions by leveraging the latest technologies, i.e., HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

React Native App Development

React Native application development is a thriving solution today. React native apps saves a huge amount of time by making apps for both Android and IoS devices.

Our developers at Esclatech makes it sure to fulfill all the client’s needs and wants by developing best-in-class JavaScript library for building best user interface.

Flutter App Development

Esclatech offers dynamic flutter app development services to facilitate businesses in surpassing their competition and become market leaders in today’s digital markets. Flutter offers so much creative space, allowing developers to enjoy developing a mobile app. Its smooth and slick functionalities make Flutter app development services an ideal choice for developers.


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