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our expert logo design services, meticulously tailored to reflect your unique identity.

Our expert team goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each logo we craft becomes a visual embodiment of your unique story and brand essence.

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We delve into the essence of your business, industry, and target audience to create a logo that strategically represents your brand identity and values.

We don’t just follow trends; we create enduring visual identities. Your logo will stand the test of time, maintaining relevance and impact for years to come.

We believe in involving you at every step, ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with our creative expertise.

Your logo is just the beginning; we offer services to extend your brand identity across various touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Our Approach

In our logo design approach, we blend creativity, strategy, and collaboration to craft visual identities that not only stand out but resonate with the essence of your brand.

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Bev Gun-Munro

CEO & Founder, Save A Life Rescue, Inc

They are patient and really care to help.

Alexandra Matveichuk

Mobile Makeup & Hair Artist

They would respond right away, if I asked to change something on my website they would fix it right away.

David Bransky

Owner, Stress-Release Company

I’m pleased with their services.

Jay S

CEO, Online Listings Platform

They were first to reach out to me regarding my job request post with a phone call and took care of the work quickly.

Troy Golden

President, Golden Group Real Estate

The website looks good.


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Questions & Answers


A logo is important because it is a graphic representation of your brand, acting as an easily recognizable symbol for customers to associate with your company.

The cost of creating a logo can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the design and any additional services such as branding or marketing.

When designing a logo, consider how to best communicate the ideas and values of your brand, as well as how it will be used. Make sure your design is simple and memorable, and fits within the right style to appeal to your target audience.

Logos can be created using a variety of methods, including hand-drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other software programs.

The purpose of a logo is to visually represent a company, product, service or organization in a consistent way.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logos can express multiple concepts and feelings in a single symbol. These logos can include line-drawn symbols, shapes, patterns, or illustrations that communicate a brand’s message without using literal imagery.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmarks logos are also known as logotypes. Wordmark logo designs typically use businesses as their main element. Examples of Wordmark logo designs include:

  • Google
  • Visa
  • Coca-Cola

If you have a business with a long name, it might be a good idea to get a Wordmark logo design. When a designer uses strong typography to create word logos, it helps create a strong brand identity.

Lettermark Logo

Lettermark logos are also known as monogram logos. The goal of this project is to reduce the length of company names by using 2 or 3 words.

The letters are intended to help you identify the brand. These monogram logos perfectly reflect their organization.

3D Logo

A 3D logo is an effective way to stand out and be noticed. A 3D logo can easily be used on various media sites like business websites, social media, and streaming videos. A well-designed logo can help your business grow and improve your brand image online.

2D Logo

At Esclatech, we have a team of experienced graphic designers who can create amazing 2D logo designs that will help businesses build powerful brands. We offer creative and eye-catching 2D logo designs that will help you stand out from the competition. 2D logo helps you make a first great impression on your customers.


Illustrative logo design is typically made up of complex illustrations of things related to the company’s business, such as illustrations of its name or logo, or even a mascot or character used to represent the company. Our team of professional graphic designers are focused on producing the highest quality work, showcasing the details of our work, and convincing your clients to be interested in your products and services.

Emblem Logo

An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon At Esclatech, you can obtain a fantastic custom logo designed just for you without going over budget.

Pictorial Logo

A pictorial mark, often known as a brand mark or logo sign, is a type of graphic based logo. At Esclatech we create logos that create a buzz. Every time our team of seasoned designers create an original and captivating pictorial logo.

Mascot Logo

Often in cartoon style a mascot logo features a recognizable brand ambassador. Our team at Esclatech build the ideal unique mascot logo that clients will immediately recognize and relate with their brand.

Calligraphy Logos

The best method of producing distinctive and eye-catching logo designs is calligraphy logo designs instead of selecting from a typeface from a list of available options. Through our competent and cutting edge logos our calligraphy designers take care of the visual representation of your business.